What is a lodge?

It is the name given to the assembly room or building where the Masonic brothers meet. A lodge meeting, as a rule, includes a solemn ceremony where new brothers are received into their respective degrees. These admissions are conducted within a framework of solemnity with opening and closing ceremonies, with music and rituals rich in tradition. The lodge evening closes with a simple meal in an air of informality among the brothers.

The foundation for our Masonic system is the first three degrees, which are called St John’s, Craft or Blue Masonry where brothers receive the titles appropriate to their degree - I. Entered Apprentice (EA) II. Fellow Craft (FC) III Master Mason (MM) as in accordance with the art of building.

This is followed by St. Andrew’s Masonry, which works within the IV, V and VI degrees.

The final section is the Chapter or Chivalric Masonry for brothers of the VII - X degree.

A few brothers with special responsibility within the Order may receive titles like Knight and Commander of the Red Cross XI degree.

Besides Norway’s approximately 92 lodges there are numerous Lodges of Instruction which work within the same framework as the lodges, but are not allowed to initiate new members.

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